CareVille Limburg - Moving Care

februari 2014
januari 2017

Katherine Nelissen, PhD

CareVille Coordinator, LifeTech Limburg

+ 32 11 28 69 03

CareVille Limburg - Moving Care

The Care Living Lab CareVille has an important place within the community known as “Happy Aging.” This international community of companies, healthcare organizations, knowledge institutions, policymakers and elderly people aims to boost “happy and healthy aging.” The Living Lab continues to accelerate innovations through co-creation with elderly people and healthcare providers, thus contributing to greater activity in this field and to better-quality care for the elderly.

Through the European project CrossCare, started in April 2016, CareVille will also make its mark internationally in the coming five years, along with two Flemish Living Labs (InnovAGE and LiCalab) and three from the Netherlands. CrossCare supports businesses and healthcare institutions in the final steps towards implementing their care innovation.


The living lab, CareVille Limburg, focuses on reinforcing 'care mobility' in order to enable older persons to live at home longer in a high-quality, safe and affordable manner. Care mobility hereby includes the mobility of the person needing care (e.g., reinforcing mobility and social participation, promoting movement through the transmural chain…); the mobility of the care product or process (delivering efficient care products and processes to the home, e.g., medication, telemonitoring…), but also the mobility of the caregiver (e.g., efficient care and services at home, moving caregivers through the transmural chain…). New innovative projects will be conducted in the living lab that should lead to social and economic valorization. CareVille is embedded in the objectives of SALK (Strategic Action Plan Limburg Squared) and contributes to strengthening the economic fabric, economic valorization and job creation in the field of innovative care in Limburg.


CareVille creates a test environment for companies and (care) organizations that offer an innovative response to the current and future needs of users of elderly care. CareVille focuses on innovations that reinforce mobility aspects from a particular focus on the requirements of the person in need of care and the caregiver (the care user is central). These innovations will be tested in CareVille in a 'real life' environment of the elderly as an important step in further implementation of these innovations.


The living lab is not only a test environment but is also used to develop new innovative project ideas that contribute to the transition from the current, mainly supply-driven approach to demand-driven and targeted care. With the assistance of co-creation sessions (User Centered Design Process), end users and developers will cooperate to realize innovative care solutions. By developing innovations in co-creation with the users, we strengthen the users acceptance of these innovations and thus also their effective implementation/realization.


CareVille is located in Genk and Hasselt. The test population is a stratified sampling of seniors in need of care who are at least 65 years of age, with particular attention to interculturality and social disadvantage. In the first instance the focus will be on the home situation, but also residential care and hospitals are involved in this project, considering that the older person needing care will also move from the home situation to other settings. The transmural approach will be realized by embedding and integrating home care, residential care as well as hospital care in our living lab.

In order to enhance the community within the living lab, an interactive IT infrastructure will be provided, which will enable communication between the participants in the living lab. In this way, users can give and receive feedback about their participation in certain projects. Furthermore, there is an application available in the living lab that makes it possible to register medical measurements such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, respiratory functions, therapy compliance... and make them available to caregivers and those needing care.