Pro DoMo: Test, advancement and demo house

april 2014
maart 2016

Liesbeth Longueville
Housing Policy Coordinator, City of Aalst
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Pro DoMo: Test, advancement and demo house

We use 3 types of homes to this end: 40 test homes (existing homes of seniors), a development home and a demo home.

Homes are often not adapted to the needs that arise when people become older and need care. The Pro DoMo project will investigate how smart homes - and interventions in the home - can offer a sustainable, innovative and affordable answer to challenges facing older people. An important question in this regard is which mix of innovative adaptations has the greatest effect: on the one hand, measures that support caregivers (e.g., electronic home care booklet, detection systems...); on the other hand, adjustments that can delay admission into care (e.g., bringing the toilet from outside to inside, adapted bedroom furnishing...) and adjustments that take sensitive issues such as privacy, self-respect, autonomy and stigmatization into account...

For each realization we investigate its sustainability and affordability. Pro DoMo involves the end user (the senior and caregiver) in the design of every innovative product and every service.

Specifically there are two major cases:

Thorough renovation/new construction

Innovative techniques, processes and design meet one another in two new homes to be realized. These 'houses of the future' will be built as development homes (= adaptable home where a young family can continue to live until the residents become old and need care) and as affordable medior homes (= home for families of people older than fifty, where the children are out of the house, as a new house for the next 30 to 40 years, in which budget-friendliness is the priority).
The homes will remain occupied so that the functionality of materials and techniques can also tested over the long term.

Minimal infrastructure adjustments/rental scenario

At least 40 private homes within the metropolitan area of Aalst will be selected for testing and implementing individual innovative measures. This results in mixed research, in which demand (= solving problems that specifically arise in existing homes) as well as an innovative offering (= testing how new solutions can be built into existing homes) can be combined. The test homes will be built up from a mix of different types of homes. Social residences will also be investigated.